• Jen Mariani

Trending: The Perm

Sometimes when we think of perms we imagine the tight curls and severe cuts of the 1980s. With that mental picture, it can be hard to imagine perms making a big come back. So how how is this trend popping up at salons across the country?

Innovative techniques are making curly hair easier to achieve than ever. Simpler processes mean less harm to your hair, and you can even get it wet! (Imagine Elle Woods' face if she could see how far we've come)

With longer tresses and a desire for body, many women are embracing the perm as their new style!

I even tried it myself! After an amazing class with Paul Mitchell, I was dying to get some curls of my own. I took the leap, and now I'm loving the results, so much so that I feel inspired to have a little salon special!

From now until November 1st, all Perms Services will come with a complimentary haircut. And as an added bonus, any Paul Mitchell retail product will be 10% off at time of checkout!

Perms start at $95.00. Contact me with any questions or to set an appointment for the hair you've been dying for!

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