• Jen Mariani

Transformation Tuesday: Direct Dyes

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Recently, in the past four years especially, direct dyes have truly invaded our color industry.

These photos, taken from across the industry, show how direct dyes have made endless possibilities for clients to create the hair of their dreams. I myself have done a variety of colors for my clients, which you can see on my Instagram.

From the highlights of blonde with a little peekaboo purple stripe, to all-over platinum, to having a pink fringe, to having the most absolutely amazing, best rainbow hair ever, all hair dreams can become a reality with direct dyes.

The popularity of direct dyes has been on the rise, especially in recent years. I have learned that color, along with a haircut, is the fastest way for someone to transform themselves. Craving a change but worried you won't like it? It's okay, nothing is ever permanent--you can always change your hair color or grow your hair out! But I believe that if you take the leap, you'll be so happy with the results.

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