• Jen Mariani

Innovative Color with Natulique

Over the years I have had many clients who wanted to color their hair but were scared about the damage it could do. I understood their worries; traditional dyes do have a lot of chemicals. Techniques have evolved over the years to reduce the strain color puts on hair, but I still was struggling with the overall chemical nature of the process. Then I found a product that really excited me, a hair dye that is certified cruelty free, less chemicals, and natural ingredients!

Natulique is an amazing color system that not only takes a natural approach to dying hair, but also focuses on sustainability in it's packaging and production. Even their marketing materials used recycled material! As I am making my commitment to going green, this product fit right into the goals I have for myself and Mariani's. And the quality is amazing--less chemicals mean a less harsh dye and healthier hair, with excellent color results. So if you've been hesitant to get the color you've always wanted, now is the time to book a treatment and make your hair dreams come true!

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