• Jen Mariani

The International Beauty Show 2018

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

I went to the International Beauty Show in Las Vegas this past June. I enjoy going to the trade shows, hoping to learn new trends, products, and techniques. Trade shows are great places to meet other stylists, barbers, and aestheticians from all over the world! Learning from your peers and discussing what you like and dislike

with each other will only help you grow.

It’s fun to see the main stage. Headlining stylists share their newest collections on a runway. It keeps me motivated and I get excited to come back to my own studio to teach and share everything that I’ve learned to my clients.

This coming spring I plan on going to the International Beauty Show in New York City. I’ve never been to one in New York City and I’m super excited I am hoping to see more fashion forward ideas and new trends for the hair.

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