• Jen Mariani

Airbrush Makeup? Yes Please!

I love helping people with makeup for their special day. Whether that be prom, a first date, or even a wedding, it thrills me to see people glow with happiness when they look in the mirror. When I first heard about the KETT Airbrush machine, I was a little skeptical. Could an airbrush really create a flawless finish without caking on the foundation? I decided to give it a try, and I am so glad I did!

Using the airbrush allows even coverage and precise control. The continuous spray helps apply the foundation quicker, and because there is no makeup sponge, there is very little waste. And what I loved the most is that KETT is a cruelty free makeup brand, so they align with my values.

I used the machine at a recent bridal party session, and it was a huge hit! The girls all gushed about how the foundation looked and felt, many declaring that it didn't feel like they were wearing makeup at all! I was able to do full face makeup for the whole party in half the time, which definitely helped ease the bride's nerves! While I will continue to offer traditional foundation at my makeup sessions if clients prefer, I definitely think they'll be pleased with the latest addition to my salon!

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