My desire to go green started when I first realized how much waste is created in the salon industry. From product plastics to gloves to hair clippings, I found myself bringing a lot of material to the trash. Then, when I was sitting in a seminar, I learned about the different chemicals in hair dyes, and the way even "organic" hair color had harsh chemicals. I wanted to do my part to move the industry forward, away from chemicals and waste and closer to healthy, responsible practices.

I've made a commitment to become a Green Circle Salon within six months. This program will allow me to repurpose and recover up to 95% of all waste materials I create in my studio, such as leftover hair color, foils, color tubes, aerosol cans, paper, and plastics. What really got me was that Green Circle can even repurpose hair clippings-- the hair is used to drag and clean waterways because it absorbs oil. By participating in Green Circle's program, I will be able to do my part to create a more sustainable beauty industry. 

Additionally, I've begun using Natulique, a hair color color product that is made with an emphasis on eco-consciousness and organic innovation. Natulique is certified cruelty free, less chemicals, natural ingredients, recycled materials, and sustainable production, which made them a clear choice for me in my move towards becoming a more sustainable salon. There's also the added bonus that less chemicals means healthier hair and no unpleasant smell during the coloring process! 

I am excited for all the ways Mariani's is going to grow, and cannot wait to bring my clients the best, most responsible practices in the industry. If you have ideas for how I can make my practices greener, please share! I'd love input from my community to help me continue to make changes for a better world.